Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Penny's Pictures from July

Curiosity--About the dirt or his shadow or a bug?

There are no hungry children here!

What does this do?
Planning, Action: act on the environment to meet interests
Creativity: make discoveries about the environment

What a look!
Expression of Emotion

Are you eating again?

More discovery.
Motor Development: demonstrating strength and control
Inquiry: see how things work

This can be a drum.
Symbolic Thought: use one or two simple objects to represent another
in pretend play

He has his favorite toy.

The infant on the right is very interested in her friend.
Peer Interactions and Relationships: show interest in other children
repeat actions that elicit social responses from others

Empathy: React to emotional expressions of others

What? I'm just drumming again.

Hi Ms. Penny!

I'm going to stand up.

I got both hands now.

Well, maybe I'll just hit the table and smile!
Attachment: Initiating interactions to familiar adults
Large Muscle: demonstrating strength (again)
He loves to play peek-a-boo
Emotional Development: Initiating interactions to familiar adults
communicate emotions purposefully and intentionally
Participate in experiences that involve back and forth interaction with familiar adults

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