Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sunny Days & Water Days

Ms. Penny and Ms. Candace enjoy taking the babies outside!  Now that the weather is warmer they are able to do more activities with the little ones.  The infants always enjoy a nice relaxing ride in the stroller outside.  Fresh air has a calming effect on all of us...especially our friends in the infant room!

Some of our favorite outdoor activities with the infants include bubbles, walks, peeking around the big pine trees, exploring in the infant play yard (feeling the grass, mulch, bird-watching, etc.), swinging in the big swing with Ms. Penny or Ms. Candace, painting with water (pine branches make a great natural paintbrush!), and playing with whatever items are in the sensory table (toys, balls, pine cones, water, etc.).


ball pit

water table

Every Friday during the summer is WATER DAY! Instead of filling up pools with water we use sprinklers, water toys, and the sensory table.  The older children love to run through the sprinklers while the younger ones love to get their hands into the water and splash everything in sight! :)