Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Happiest Babies on the Block

This little guy climbs in a cubby space to get a toy.
Planning, Action: making choices to achieve a goal

He is very proud of himself. He got the toy he wanted and
is now shaking it around.
Expression of Emotion: communicating emotions intentionally

No Smile?

There it is! This infant makes spitting noises as he shakes his
favorite stuffed toy.
Interactions with Adults: Participate in experiences that involve back
and forth interaction with familiar adults

What did you find? This little guy likes to pick up
anything he can get his hands on and inspect it.
Inquiry: Observe the physical and natural world around them

He came up to this big truck to explore the wheels.
Inquiry: Try different things with objects to see what happens
or how things work.

Curious Babies

This first group of pictures is of the infants 
exploring corn starch. Some were excited about this activity
and others were not so sure about the texture of the corn starch.

This next set of pictures is of the infants playing in water
in their diapers. They all loved dumping out the water and 
splashing in it using a variety of kitchen supplies.

This guy is excited to be splashing in the water!
Expression of Emotion: happiness

Whoops! A bit slippery in that spot.

Even one of our younger infants got excited about the water.

Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards
Initiative and Curiosity
-showing interest in people and objects
-explore environment through a variety of sensory motor activity
-practice new skills with enthusiasm
-demonstrating willingness to try new activities and experiences