Thursday, February 20, 2014

We're Growing Together!

These girls love to play together on the soft city! 

Look at these little ones sitting up all on their own and learning to be more independent as well!
Domain: Social and Emotional Development    Strand: Self
Topic: Self concept, begin to understand self as a separate person from others.

This boy is doing well with controlling his head and neck while doing "tummy time"
Domain: physical well-being and motor development
Strand: Motor development   Topic: Large muscle, balance and coordination:  Demonstrate strength and control of head, arms, legs and trunk using purposeful movements.

Such a happy little guy!

This boy loves to play with this stuffed bear!
Domain: Approaches toward learning
Strand: Initiative  Topic: Initiative and curiosity: Show interest in people and objects.

Look at her go!
Domain: Physical well-being and motor development  Strand: motor development  Topic: Large muscle, balance and coordination: move with increasing coordination and balance, with or without adult support and/or assistive device. 

Playing together is fun!

He also loves to look at this colorful ladybug!

These girls enjoyed painting! 
Domain: Approaches toward learning  Strand: Initiative  Topic: Initiative and curiosity: Explore the environment through a variety of sensory-motor activity. Demonstrate a willingness to try new activities and experiences.

Getting so big! Already pulling up on objects!

He likes to explore new objects and different textures!