Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September Captions

The infants were learning new concepts
and exploring anything they could get to
this month. Check out what they were doing!

He observed the bigger children putting the top of
this toy together. Then he was able to do it on his own.
Cognitive Skill: Memory-recall information; mirror and repeat something seen
at an earlier time

He loves to put things on his head. Today it is mulch!
Cognitive Skills: Symbolic Thought-using objects to represent another
in pretend play
Initiative: Curiosity-explore environment through a variety of
sensory-motor activity

He is showing us how happy he is!

Our little girl in the back is about to get covered by the blanket!
They both are showing us their curiosity.
She is crawling to explore the grass.
He is using his gross and fine motor skills with the
activities on the push toy.

Look closely. The boy in the blue shirt is not sitting in the
right place in the stroller. He likes to squeeze into the middle!
But the baby does not mind.

We had to get a picture of this guy in his fancy shirt!

My name is Bond, James Bond.
(Is he getting photo bombed?)
This young lady is starting to pull herself up!
She just learned to crawl and now she wants to walk!
Motor Development: move with increasing coordination, balance,
without adult support.

Here he is again. Our prankster. He loved having
his arm out of his shirt. We tried to get a photo of
him with the sleeve of his shirt draped over the
opposite shoulder. It looked like he was wearing a scarf.

These two best buds are playing near each other.
Soon these boys will play with each other longer
and be engaged in back-and-forth play.

Hmmm... what is over there?

We love when children explore the natural world around them.
They experience different textures and colors compared
to the toys in the classroom.

She loves crawling in the grass!
She is confident enough to move away from her caregivers
for long periods of time to explore her environment.
Initiative and Curiosity: demonstrate willingness to try new activities
and experiences

Nothing stops her from getting to where she wants to go.

He loves to explore and to work his brain!
He is demonstrating initiative, curiosity, planning and action,
engagement, and persistence.


You can't tell from the picture but he is swinging on our
outdoor swing and laughing!
 He didn't ask to get down for a very long time.
Self: Expression of Emotion

Love this look :)

The next four pictures captures how this 6 month old
interacts with his caregiver and moves his body.
Social and Emotional Development: Relationships-Attachment

Physical and Motor Development: Body Awareness

He loves to move his arms and legs.

Motor Development: Small Muscle-transferring a toy from one hand
to another by reaching and grasping