Tuesday, August 12, 2014

July Pictures

Eating Together
Nutrition: express when hungry; follow a regular eating routine
Peer Interaction: show interest in other children

Exploring a textured book
Sensory Motor: use senses and movement to explore
Early Reading: show interest in books, pictures

He worked on getting toys from the back of the shelf.
Physical Activity: using simple movement skills
Planning, Action: approach tasks with repeated trial and error
Persistence: repeat actions intentionally to achieve a goal

Playing in water with watering cans.
Initiative and Curiosity: explore the environment through a variety
of sensory-motor activity

Playing in water with a friend.
Peer Interactions: engage in parallel play

He was touching the colored paper on the other side of the fence.
He was also walking on the boarder of the playground.
Curiosity: explore environment through sensory-motor activity
Large Muscle, Balance and Coordination: move with increasing coordination and balance
without support of an adult 
We can't get enough of our tunnel!
Physical Activity: using simple movement skills,
participate in active physical play

Should I or Shouldn't I?
Curiosity: demonstrate willingness to try new activities and experiences 

We played in Ms. Kris' chalk paint. Some of us really
got into it!
Initiative and Curiosity: demonstrate willingness to try new activities and experiences

She loves this toy!
Spatial Relationships: explore the properties of objects

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