Friday, December 20, 2013

Our Busy Bees

He loves to play with the toy bee and notices when the camera comes for a picture!

Look how strong she is as she sits, supporting her body on her own.  These two love to talk to one another and coo.

He loves exploring the keys and even putting them in his mouth to explore them.
Topic: Oral-motor
Use mouth and tongue to explore objects

Just too cute!

Happy Thanksgiving! She loved playing with the toy turkey around Thanksgiving.

We like to play together and strengthen our muscles in our arms and fingers.

These two couldn't stop playing with the forks and spoons while we had the play kitchen in our room!

She worked so hard to get all the way in!
Topic: Initiative and curiosity
Explore the environment through a variety of sensory-motor activity

He likes looking at himself in the mirror on the play gym and playing with the hanging toys.
Topic: Initiative and curiosity
Show interest in people and objects

Just chatting away!
Topic: Self- concept
Begin to understand self as a separate person from others.

Mrs. Penny loves her infants! So Does Mrs. Melissa!

She loves to read books! 

Outside is so much fun, even in the tunnel.

Learning to use a spoon to self feed!

This little girl loved the snow when she looked out the window and saw it!

Working out at the gym :)

Happy Holidays everyone!

Time to eat, ladies!

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