Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Peek a BOO

 He loves to just sit back and watch all of his friends play together!  Sometimes he even coos at them as they play near him.
This baby can't wait to be able to crawl around and play with her friends.  She laughs and watches them all play together.  A lot of times, friends will come over and play with her as she sits up, strengthening her core muscles.

Exploring his environment with his mouth!  He loves to play with this toy and as he shakes it, it rattles and he coos.

We loved playing with our pumpkins, even before they were carved!

Lots of fun playing with the gooey inside of the pumpkin! They even tasted some of it!

The smaller pumpkin was easier to pick up to manipulate.

The bigger pumpkin was fun to reach in and feel around to manipulate.

Happy Halloween!  What a cute little ladybug!

And a very cute monkey and duck!

This little boy found two ducks!

He loves to play with the soft turkey!

Just helping out a friend! This little girl helps by feeding her friend.

Now he found two blocks that are the same.

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