Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oh, How We Grow

 Our babies are changing and growing everyday.   We are excited to share with you some milestones we are seeing in our classroom! 

Language Development 
This young lady is showing an early sign of her language development.  Taking an interest in books is a great way to start an early appreciation for literature.

Motor Skills
Seeing objects she wants and moving toward them is a hard task that she is having fun learning. 
Hitting the balloon and following it is a great way to work out his large motor muscles.

He also works on his small motor skills by picking up small objects and placing them into his mouth.

 He is showing off his big muscles by climbing up onto the table.

Social Skills

Our social and problem-solving skills are tested each day.  
We are doing a great job sharing and taking turns.

Emotional Development

I did a great job settling myself down before nap by reading a book.

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