Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sensory Activity: The Great Pumpkin

Ms. Penny brought in a HUGE pumpkin to share with the class. The kids have been observing it for a few days...they touched it, patted it, tried to sit on it and roll it. Everyone was very curious about the big pumpkin when Ms. Penny opened it up! 

She wanted to get her hands in it right way. Her friend isn't so sure...
Tasting the pumpkin!
This little one was also very interested in touching the inside of the pumpkin.
Practicing her pincer grasp to pick up the seeds.
Taking a closer look at the stringy parts of the pumpkin.
This sensory activity allowed the babies to use all of their senses:

  • Touch - feeling the outside and inside of the pumpkin; using the pincer grasp to pick up the seeds
  • Taste - tasting by putting pumpkin on their tongue or licking their fingers (older children could taste the seeds)
  • Sight - looking at the outside and inside of the pumpkin
  • Smell - smelling the inside of the pumpkin
  • Hearing - tapping on the outer shell of the pumpkin; dropping the seeds on various surfaces and listening to the different sounds

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Glen & Jayne Blog said...

My beautiful Clare Bear it seems she is very interested in the pumpkin!